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food and beverage Amanda Ray, Chef de Cuisine, Biff’s Bistro Restaurant operations
Appetizer delights: Rising flavours on starter menus
Often overshadowed by entrées, the starter mealpart is the perfect menu category for operators to create memorable fare.
Amanda Ray, Chef de Cuisine, Biff’s Bistro
Amanda Ray credits her successes to her positivity, hard work, and perhaps a bit of mania. The young chef worked up the ladder at every back-of-house...
Five tips for employee engagement surveys
Did you know that in some hospitality operations, 60 - 100 per cent of staffers leave voluntarily on an annual basis? For many operators, the true...
Top eight customer satisfaction factors at full-service restaurants
Restaurant operators are adjusting to what we’re calling “the new normal marketplace.” The prolonged road to economic recovery...
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Pizza Nova launches dairy-free vegan cheese
Gordon Food Service launches refreshed brand
For the first time in Canada, Tim Hortons launches personalized photo Tim Cards


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Enhance allergy awareness and product knowledge
Chefs and menu planners are going to great effort to create and include dishes to meet the needs of those with food allergies and sensitivities. Cooking equipment and processes are being modified to prevent cross contamination and ensure safe... More



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