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The shrinking footprint of Canadian restaurants: Openings and closures of units in 2014
Last year, the Canadian restaurant footprint shrunk at a rate never before seen by The NPD Group Canada. Our ReCount® service has been tracking restaurant unit openings and closures since the turn...

The steady increase of off-premise traffic to restaurants
People are starved for time. They have less time to cook, or don't want to cook. As a result, off-premise traffic to restaurants has steadily increased in recent years.

Restaurant industry workforce wages
According to the Restaurant Outlook Survey, 65 per cent of operators said that labour costs are having a negative impact on their business. This ranks as the highest issue impacting operators...

Foodservice industry labour force: Success for hire
As one of Canada’s largest private-sector employers, the foodservice industry is projected to see continued growth in its labour force over the next decade. With particularly large gains expected...

Budget squeeze: Spending at restaurants in 2014
Spending at restaurants is largely determined by household budgets, which are being squeezed by modest disposable income growth and rising household debt.   


Economic forecast
A look back and a look ahead at the key industry indicators

Canada’s restaurant labour force: 16 employment facts and figures
As one of Canada’s largest private-sector employers, the foodservice industry plays a major role in our country’s economic growth. Here’s a look at some of the employment facts and...

Tourism tally
Here are 12 quick stats and facts about restaurants and tourism.

Canada's restaurant industry: A part of every community
There are more than 81,000 restaurant, bars and caterers across the country. In the first half of 2012, the restaurant industry was the second-largest job creator in Canada.

Economic look ahead
With foodservice sales closely tied to key indicators such as gross domestic product, personal disposable income and unemployment rates, here’s a look at the 2013 economic forecast.

Help wanted: Labour demand in Canada’s restaurant industry
With more baby boomers starting to think about retirement and fewer young people predicted to enter the work force over the next decade, Canada’s restaurant industry will continue to face a chronic...

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