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Visa Debit comes to Canada
October 28, 2010



Last month, Visa launched Visa Debit in Canada. Visa has committed to CRFA that it will follow the voluntary Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada with its new debit product. 


Implications for restaurant operators
With this launch, operators should note the following:

1. Visa Debit can now be used for payment in stores outside Canada, as well as online transactions.

2. In Canada, customer transactions involving debit cards co-branded with both Visa and Interac logos will automatically be processed on the Interac network, just like in the past.

3. Processors may ask operators if they would like to accept payment by Visa Debit for online transactions such as delivery orders.

4. Operators are under no obligation to accept Visa Debit per the Code of Conduct.

In places outside the country, Visa Debit has rapidly grown to dominate the debit market and increase costs for restaurants.  In Canada, the Code of Conduct provides merchants with some protection. CRFA will keep lobbying the federal government for oversight of payments systems. 

CRFA continues to help operators protect their rights under the Code of Conduct. Those encountering problems opting out of Visa Debit products should contact CRFA’s Vice President Labour and Supply Justin Taylor at


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