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2014 Print & Online Media Planner
Publisher: Chuck Nervick
416-512-8186 x 227
1-866-216-0860 x 227
Advertising Sales:
Nick Nervick

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1-866-216-0860 x 249
Print Editor: Sean Moon
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1-866-216-0860 x 265
Online Editor: Steven Chester
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Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News:

The mission of Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News (CRFN) is to deliver practical, relevant, timely and engaging information that helps foodservice operators improve and grow their business while connecting them to Canada’s foodservice supply chain. CRFN is the official magazine and voice of the CRFA. Each issue covers many different aspects of the foodservice industry and provides insight into areas such as food and beverage trends, industry innovations and new concepts, equipment development, regulatory news, facility and personality profiles and more. Over the past two years, CRFN has become the leading foodservice magazine in Canada and in a recent poll received top recognition by 92% of the CRFA members.

Restaurant Central:

The CRFA’s is Canada’s go-to website for restaurateurs nationwide, providing the foodservices industry with market-leading information and articles covering topics such as: research & trends, recipes, chef profiles, food, beverages, operations, laws and regulations, marketing, staffing, business and finance, and products and services. traffic continues to grow tremendously and is driven by social media including videos, blogs, twitter and email newsletters.






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